Hi! How are you doing? I’m Aliya and is currently so new to this blogging thing. I graduated with a degree of Management major in International Business in Metro Manila, Philippines.

I have had a lot of blogs before but haven’t really gotten the chance to take time and be serious about it because I still had school to worry about but since I’ve graduated I could spend more time with it and be serious about it. Fingers crossed I’ll upload a blog post every week!

I you want to know more about me go to the About page and you could, hopefully, learn more about me.

If you have seen this post, thank you as I barely have anything posted in here, I’ll do my very best to keep everything entertaining. I’m planning to do lifestyle and travel blogs as I have been to a lot of places before.

Comments and suggestions are highly requested, I would do my best to have amazing content!

xo, AliyaDanielle


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