Letters For Someone

There are times when you feel your emotions are just bubbling and wanting to burst out of you, that’s the time I sit, get my pen and paper out and write it all down. All the poems/letters I have written are all so special to me; I have published some and kept some.

File_000 (3)

If you haven’t been following my social media accounts, you might not know I have been writing poems from time to time. Most of them came from personal experience, series of events happening inside my head or situations I have seen from other people. I write about love, school and life situations. Before I publish it, I ask the opinion of my friends because it always matter and makes a lot of difference. There are times I think of sending it to a publisher but I know I need to create new and exiting more poems. 


Lang Leav and Michael Faudet are two poets who have inspired me of creating such poems; I have all of their published books. Another inspiration came from Will Darbyshire with his book called A Modern Love, its so hipster looking! If you dont watch him on youtube, you’re missing out!! I hope one day they will recognize the work I did and hopefully lots of people will too. 


If you want to see some of the poems I have published you may click this link.

As always, please follow me so you could get updated when I’ll have a new post up, please like and leave a comment down below on what kind of poems you read or write! All ideas are welcome and appreciated! 

xo, AliyaDanielle 


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