TV Series Review: 13 Reasons Why

There’s always this day when you really want to just chill and watch Netflix, and recently there’s this big hype about the show 13 Reasons Why. Some years back, my sister and I have heard of Thirteen Reasons Why, some say its creepy cause the tapes were really uploaded in YouTube (it still is right now, you should check it out and was uploaded 8 freaking years ago!). We never bought the book and never realized how amazing the message of this story is, thank you Jay Asher! Fast forward to this day, I decided to watch the series. Let me tell you, I was literally glued to my laptop (just cause I watch Netflix through there). I kept on encouraging people to watch it cause it’s such an eye opener. I’m actually so glad they didn’t let us wait for weeks for the next episodes to come. 



Let’s get into the story, there’s Hannah Baker and Clay Jenkins (my OTP, no hate please). As well as Justin, Jessica, Alex, Tyler, Marcus,Sheri, Zach, Courtney, Ryan, Bryce and Mr. Porter that represents as the 13 Reasons Why she killed herself, Justin as 2 tapes. It’s actually fascinating to see some of the characters not believing what Hannah’s saying, what’s more to lose when they’ve already killed her? In the contrary, its hurting to see how they ignored her when she needed these people the most, even Clay – sadly…. Well, thank goodness for Tony. 

Another message this story tells is whenever someone gets sexually abused, they have to tell someone so they could get help and get those mother freaker rapists to go to jail for paying for what they did. *cough cough Bryce Walker cough cough* I know this post is about 13 Reasons Why but I’m also watching a British series that investigates with sexual abusers so this makes me so mad like there’s still a slow response to this kind of issue. 

 If you have finished the whole series, you probably have tons of questions in mind like,

What happens to the people Hannah mentioned in the tapes?

Did Hannah get justice?

Why did Alex killed himself or was he shot? Why?

What happened to Bryce?

What did Mr. Porter do after hearing those tapes?

Did they released the tapes in public?

What happened to the case of Liberty High School v. The Bakers?


For anyone reading this that hasn’t seen the whole series, take your time watching it. I, myself had a hard time watching the last episode. You’ll know why once you get there. You’ll also see I’ve been tweeting and retweeting a lot about this series cause it really is important that more people would know about the issues mentioned. If you need help, the suicide prevention line is 1-800-273-8255. Do not hesitate to get help, I promise you, it will get better.

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xo, AliyaDanielle


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