Around The World Series: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

I’m starting this “Around the World Series” because I’ve gotten some messages telling me to write about the places I’ve been, so here I am, doing my first post about them; this is going to be like a story time kind of post. I’ve chosen Hong Kong because this is the first ever country I have been to. Traveling to another country was a luxury back then there were no budget airlines or Airbnb services offered so my parents worked really hard and planned this trip for months. 

I remember I was in grade 5, so about 11 or 12 years old, when I first hopped on an airplane and flew outside of the Philippines! I’m very lucky as I get to experience traveling at such a young age, this is where my love for traveling started (even if my first plane journey wasn’t the greatest). I barely remember the stuff we did in Hong Kong but I remember there wasn’t a Hong Kong Disneyland yet so we went to Ocean Park, kinda like SeaWorld in San Diego and Orlando in the USA. It was fun, got to go in rides that I usually would not ride and guess what, it was a water ride and yes, I got soaked. We had to buy clothes from the gift shop and to my luck, there were no shirts in my size so they had to give me men’s small shirt, keep in mind I was 11 years old! I looked ridiculous and hilarious but I made it alive and that’s what mattered for me at that time. 

We hopped on the tour bus and got to see some jewellery factory, if you’ve been to China or Hong Kong, you know what I’m talking about. They always take tourists to these Jade factory and sales talk them into buying these one of a kind jewellery. It’s kind of funny because when we went to Beijing, its kind of the same stories, myths, etc. We only got to look around and didn’t purchase anything. If you think of buying these jewellery, maybe its a lot cheaper in the night market? I’m not too sure but that’s what I remember. 

Anyway, China is really close to Hong Kong so you could ride a train to go to Shenzhen without a Chinese visa (I’m a Philippine passport holder). So the tour guide dropped us off the train station and there’ll be another tour guide waiting for us in Shenzhen. We’ve seen the Window of the World and it looks so amazing. If you don’t know what that is or haven’t heard of it, click here. You’ll get to see replicas of the Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Louvre, etc.

Overall, my first travel experience was pretty amazing and so much fun. I was 11 back then so I thought everything was amazing but thinking about it now, I wouldn’t want to change anything and really blessed to start traveling at a young age! 

Please like and comment below about your first travel experiences and if you have any questions! No hate and all positive comments are welcome! 

xo, AliyaDanielle 


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