I like lights and carnivals, the smell of christmas, the cold cozy feel, I like feeling like a child again and never want to grow up. I like travelling and see different places, I don’t care if i get stuck in the airport. I really want to travel the whole of Europe and America and the whole world. Experience traveling to these places will be my absolute dream because you can always learn and adapt new cultures from these different places across the world

Whenever I get bored, I pick up my favourite book at the moment and no one will literally get the chance to talk to me. I love reading everything, from love poems to mystery books, I even write poems sometimes. I like celebrating with friends and family. I’m a simple person that likes the simplest of things. Even if it was just a simple ‘hello, how are you?’ I appreciate every little detail in this world people think wouldn’t make a person happy, not me. I’m quite fond of watching TV Series and youtubers, from binge watching Sherlock Holmes to 13 Reasons Why and from watching Zoella to OKBaby. If you haven’t heard of any of them, you should go check them out as you may learn something nice from watching them.

I consider myself lucky as I frequently go to concerts and see my favourite bands and artists. I like things pop culture; show me anything and if it matches my taste, I’ll be obsessed over it, Sherlock Holmes or The 1975 for example!

My contact box is always open if you want to talk to someone or ask for advice. I’m not really an expert when it comes to these things but I will try my very best. 
Love you all, smile always and be happy!! 🙂

XO, AliyaDanielle


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